Electric motor rotation

Electric motor rotation is the working base of many home appliances

The electric motor has a rotation that is his own and that is why the electric motor is the basis of many home appliances operation. In some cases, the rotation may stop something obvious such as the mixers and fans, but this rotation does not appear as in the case of the electric windowpanes of the cars and the agitators of the washing machines.

The electric motor is easily found in all sizes and shapes and each electric motor is applied to its task. No matter the torque or power of the electric motor, it will be possible to find an electric motor that meets your need.


The electric motor can run on direct current and its power is made by batteries and batteries and needs power supplies that are their own. There is also an electric motor that requires alternating current to run and that electric motor can be powered directly by the home electrical network, but there is still an electric motor that can work with both types of chains.

Understand how it should be built the foundation on which the electric motor is installed

The foundation where the electric motor is installed must always be flat and, if possible, be free of vibration it is for this reason that the ideal is that the foundation is made of concrete. The type of foundation used will depend on the type of soil at the site where the electric motor or the resistance of the floors will be mounted.

The dimensioning of the electric motor foundation should be high on account of the fact that the electric motor be subjected to occasional way to a torque higher than the rated torque. If Sesse scaling is not implemented judiciously and important way cause serious vibration problems of the whole foundation, electric motor and the driven machine.

If the base is concrete, the ideal is that a metal plate is installed, thus it will be supported leveling screw. mro skf bearings

iron blocks or steel plates with surfaces plans and anchoring devices will be cast in concrete and receive and electric motor feet will set the ideal is that all equipment is suitable for transmitting the forces and also the torques the electric motor undergoes during its operation.

Understand what causes the electric motor can not start

The electric motor is a device that is widely used in industries, it has low cost, is efficient and its maintenance rate is low, but still, one time or another, the electric motor has some defects that are considered common.

When the electric motor can not go, the possible causes are related to the excessive axial or radial mail, the shaft is bent, a connection was made wrongly, the numbering of the cable was replaced, the load is in excess, platinum is open, the damaged capacitor or the auxiliary coil is interrupted.

When the electric motor has a low starting torque, this means that the electric motor 1185-1124 of the problem may be an internal connection that was done wrong, the failed or decentralized rotor, the voltage is below the nominal frequency is below or above the nominal capacitance is below what is specified or the capacitors were connected in series instead of being connected in parallel.

How do electric motor home

It is possible to make the electric motor at home using little equipment for this purpose. The engine is a very important machine for various segments and one you can do at home can be used for basic procedures and which do not need such a powerful engine. The engine made at home can be useful for various purposes.

For those who do not remember, the electric motor dodge px80 is a machine responsible for making the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Making the motor home you can have this same functionality, only for applications simpler and more basic, even why he does not have capacity for more than that.

If the homemade electric motor serving for the type of application you need, be sure to be performing. There are several tutorials on the internet that teach you step-by-step instructions on how to make this engine, you will not have difficulties because the process is very fast.

Electric motor has to work in places where the ambient temperature does not pass 40 degrees

The electric motor WEG is a machine that is designed to work in F insulation class and at a room temperature not exceeding 40 degrees.

However, most of the defects that the electric motor windings feature is related to the excess temperature throughout the winding or elsewhere as a result of the current overload and the problem in the electric motor can be noticed when the insulation of the wires is dark or carbonized.


When the short circuit occurs between turns, it can happen casually when two bad points in the insulation of the wires or result from defects that originate simultaneously the wires that are side by side.

If you see the unequal currents different, however, it is according to circumstances and may be so insignificant that the protection covers the electric motor or react. When the short circuit between turns, against the iron or between phases because of defects in the insulation, rare way may occur and, yet, so often in the early days after commissioning.

Buy electric motor via the Internet

The purchase of any product on the internet is becoming something increasingly common. Many people buy products on the internet for finding the fastest and easy procedure. But there are those who do not like this type of marketing. Here we will talk about the electric motor of the purchase made by internet.

The electric motor of the purchase made over the Internet functions as if you were buying any other product, you need to search very values on different websites in order to perform the comparison. Only in this way so you can find that site that is offering the best deal for the type of electric motor you intend to buy.

The values vary according to the type of motor dodge 011286 that the customer wishes to buy and characteristics. More complex engines end up having higher values than single electric motors. Browse give preference to sites that are known and provide security for the purchase.